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Cash, parcel, donations should be issued in the name of Kasisi Orphanage

Financial donations to Kasisi Children's Home should be done through Electronic/ International Transfers and not cheques. Please always email Sister Mariola for further instructions.

If you are in the USA and neigbouring countries, please get in touch with Hugh Balloch of Friends of Kasisi Children Home INC, eMail

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Our Latest News
Our sponsors list has just been updated. Many thanks to all.
We thank...
Cargo Management and Logistics, staff of Bank Of Zambia, Varun Food & Beverages (Zambia) Limited, Chicagos, Dr. Liza Oparaocha, the staff of Hotel Intercontinental (Lusaka), and many more  for the Christmas gifts and outings held for our children.

Chris Miller of Lilayi Lodge for inviting our children to see baby elephants. We also thank Carla Schoemaker (right photo) who made it possible for us to visit this beautiful place. Visit our Gallery for more photographs.

Margaret Andrews
Ms Margaret Andrews has been our faithful friend and supporter for more than forty years. We would like to thank her for being there for us in the most difficult times in the past and for being with us today. Every Christmas Ms Margaret together with her friends, not only buys food but also personal gifts for every child. Thank you for being part of our family Ms. Margaret. May God reward you for everything you do for us.

William Whelan
William Whelan and his friends who have donated four second hand computers for our children. These computers are in excellent condition and our young students treasure them.

Joan Coolidge, Rosie and Susan
We also thank our visitors Joan Coolidge, her daughter Rosie and Susan Kral who have kindly brought these laptops to Kasisi.

John and Mary Lou
John and Mary Lou Whelan Healing Fund, for the donation which enabled us to buy two nebulisers for our babies as well as other necessary medicines.

Christmas concert at Kasisi
This video is courtesy of Fundacja Kasisi


Perhaps, a Mozart in the making

Dominic is one of our four children who are taking music lessons.

He is very gifted and focused. In December he will take part in our Christmas carols concert.

New kids on the block
Greetings from our twins - Moses and Danny.

They just joined us a few months ago and they have adjusted very well to theirs new home.

It is nurse Marietta!

Marietta has just graduated from the school of nursing in northern Zambia. She came to our home when she was just a few days old. At the moment she is working at the rural health centre in Kasisi. In the afternoon, she is in charge of our treatment room.

Baby Justina goes home

Our little baby Justina who was abandoned on the street in Lusaka. After three months of staying with us she was reunited with her parents. It was revealed that the baby was in fact kidnapped from the mother in one of the Health Centres in Lusaka. You can see the joy of her parents when we presented their lost baby to them!

Discharged children

During this ending year we said goodbye to 28 of our children. We are always happy for those who are reunited with their relatives and the older children who become independent and after graduation from various colleges start their adult life.

New children

Within 2017 we have opened our home and our hearts to 39 new children. They all need special care and attention. Thankfully they are growing into healthy and happy children. Looking at them one can think that time at Kasisi flies much faster than anywhere else.

Anastasia (above) who came to Kasisi at the age of two and weighing 2kg is growing well and her weight is nearly 10 kg now!

Going for a walk

Natasha and Faustina going for a walk the mommy

They just can't resist a straw in our beautiful gardens


Steven, Veronica, Watson, Mary Agnes and Belita (From left to right) have just written their final exams. Agnes finished Grade 9 which is Junior Secondary school. The rest of them finished Primary school. Now we will look for boarding schools were they will be able to continue their education.
Our Preschool children. They are about 30. They are being prepared for Primary school. Three of our mummies were trained to be teachers.
Play time
John and his friends enjoying the ride on the bicycles.


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Monthly Expenses
Our Home urgently needs - Computers; Desks or computer tables; School bags – any type or colour; Washing powder; Bathing soap; and, Pampers (diapers). Please visit Our Monthly Expenses for details.
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If you want to find the spring - Kasia Zych
Children in Kasisi teach me many things. They show me what the most important in life is. They teach me to enjoy every day of life regardless of what experiences of this day are. They make me remember that what is the most important in life is love, especially the love you can experience in simple, everyday activities..."
Other Features
Reflections from the Webmaster - Where angels walk among us
A reminiscence on Kasisi Children’s Home. "Often it is said, home is where when you go, you are welcome. But Kasisi has taught me differently. For Kasisi, home is where when you go, you belong."

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