Cash, parcel, donations should be issued in the name of Kasisi Orphanage

Financial donations to Kasisi Children's Home should be done through Electronic/ International Transfers and not cheques. Please always email Sister Mariola for further instructions and clarifications.

 Lend a Hand
Kasisi Children’s Home urgently needs computers; black school shoes – any size; school bags – any type or colour; Baby formula – NAN 1, 2 & 3; washing powder; bathing soap; pampers (diapers); blankets; and, toys.

Please visit Our Monthly Expenses for details.
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Trident Preparatory School visits

Today, October 12, we had a visit from the management, teachers and parents from the nearby Trident Preparatory School. We received various gifts from the school and from the families of the students.

We are very grateful for their care and support.

The Kohli family came visiting
We would like to thank most sincerely the Kohli family from Lusaka for their visit and for sharing with us food and many other gifts. We thank this beautiful family for their love and continuous support.

Thank you for becoming part of Kasisi family! May God bless you always.

See all the photos here.

Meet Veronika and Michael
They just spent a month with us while on their honeymoon, helping our children. Veronica is a skilled physical therapist, and Michael is a teacher.

And this is what they had to say.
"We know that Kasisi will live in our hearts forevermore."
Read their testimonial here.

Todd Stone and Teter Orthotics and Prosthetics Inc

As we came safely back to Kasisi on August 30, we would like to thank All the Friends of Kasisi in Traverse City for their love, care and support. You made us feel at home and we felt surrounded by your loving care and enormous support every moment we shared with you.

Our special thanks go to Todd Stone and his team at Teter Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc; Elizabeth Bradfield and her husband; Nowicki family; Tarrant Family; Lisa Blashill Peacock; Laura Nevin; Phill Boehmer; Lori Phillips; and, many other whose kindness and help was for us a clear sign of God’s love.

We were up in the air - Adventure of the lifetime!
Saturday July 23, 2022 our children participated in the Kumbululuka Kwa Bafana (Children's Flight) at Zambia Air Force Base in Lusaka. They had fun, and now have long lasting memories of the event.

Many thanks to Mr. Felix Gosher and team, ZAF, Zambia Airports Corporation Limited and others in the aviation sector.

Click here to view our video.


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