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Friday December 22, 2017

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Kasisi Children's Home

Kasisi Children's Study Fund

Kasisi children are blessed with a Government primary and secondary school for girls and, lately also for boys - opposite their home. For years we have been receiving donations from various sources to enable our children go for further studies. However, sometimes the funding was not sufficient and we have had to postpone children's study till the next opportunity.

To avoid this, we started a study fund and have opened a special Kasisi Children Study Fund bank account. The aim of this fund is to support our children to become independent from Kasisi Children's Home by offering them a professional education of their choice. We source, together with the child, the various options available whether it is vocational, technical or tertiary education.

In due course we'll ask each graduated child to donate towards this study fund as well in order to support their 'Kasisi family'.

Five of our children will start their secondary schools in January, 2015. Nine of our children are writing their final Secondary School Education exams and will finish them by the end October 2014. Your kind donation will be highly appreciated to support them and the other 6 children already attending diploma courses.

For additional information please contact our Study Fund Coordinator, Mrs. Carla Schoemaker by phone +260 (0)977 752972 or email:


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