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A postcard from Fiji

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In my 2004 year's end commentary, I was humbled by a  'postmark' from Fiji as someone in a far off island State of Fiji cares. A perusal at postmarks of this year so far, still affirms the humanity in most of the people out there.

Ah., we also had a friend from Monaco. Really had to start revisiting my regional geography. The only thing I know about Monaco are Formula 1, the art, music and film events held in Monte Carlo, and of course football.

Fiji - I know, 'cause over a decade ago I had a friend from Fiji, whose most memorable saga is the time we left him on a ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki. The man got drunk and somehow got lost! And we could not locate him. Any way, he turned up two days later. Really wish I can remember his name.

Sorry, for the digression. The point is, the geographical vastness of friends of Kasisi is a manifestation of our humanity and love for the children. Attributes we should always cherish, uphold, and share.  Children are worthy our respect and dedication, for they give meaning to our existence, but more so they give meaning to God.

Children are pure and innocent, and for me this affirms deism. That is, theological rationalism that believes in God on the basis of reason without reference to revelation. One may not need a revelation of the works of God, if one takes time to look at the works of children. Hate, anger in one minute, much love in the next. Children share without boundaries, race or age. If it be that children have so much love for humanity, why it be then that we do not sometimes see their suffering?

Even if I ask this question, in my heart of hearts I am glad we have worlds like Kasisi Children's Home and indeed the many friends of Kasisi from all over the world. Again, I thank you all for allowing me to be part of your world.

And let us always remember that "we do good not to be recognised, but because it is good to do good."

Love and bye for now.

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