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Okay, forget about the lack of intelligence in a world that boasts of an educated population. Yes, for a second, forget the fact that there are persons on this earth that have about fifty-four thousand and seven hundred (54 750) nappies to launder in a year - and all because of love.

Take just a second for introspection on your existence. If tomorrow, the children were to follow your footprints in the sands of history, where will they end up?

Dear friends, I ask this question simply because every day when I reflect on our footprints in the sands of history, I always shudder. Not with fear, but with an unnerving sadness. Will my footprints in the sands of history, reflect a humane existence?

Two intellections I write somewhere come to mind.

The first is that, "States fail simply because some individuals can no longer bear their moral debt.”

The second is, “The fact that we have security of life amidst increasing numbers of the poor in our population simply means that our moral debt is everyday increasing. Thus, acting to reduce our moral debt is the only means by which our security of life can be sustainable and not the mere safeguard of the law".

The point being, our footprints in the sands of history can only have meaning if the others are an integral part of our good fortunes. That we continue existing, while others cling to the knife-like edges of human existence is a fallacy.  

Today, I urge you to understand that we afford to have peace of mind and security, not because of the force of the law, but that someone out there who, through no fault of his or hers, deserves a life as just as ours has footprints in the sands of history that reflect a higher morality than ours. We owe this often unknown, unnoticed and beautiful person our gratitude, not the State.

Fact is, it is often the majority of those that are needy that do not resort to crime or to behaviours disruptive to our privileged existence. It actually is those that are privileged that are a threat to our existence. Its either they feel that their moral debt is overburdening, or their immorality is such that they abuse the underprivileged into criminality. The latter can be directly or by providing erroneous beliefs that it pays to be immoral.

In this scenario, the individuals that suffer the most are children. That we have children existing in an abyss of need is not because their parents were wanting. Could be their parents were wanting (in extreme cases of deviance), but often its because our predecessors footprints in the sands of history were such that they created an existence where today's children find themselves in an abyss of need.

It really does not take much to change our footprints in the sands of history. Kasisi Children's Home, Mother Teresa, et cetera, have exemplified this through out our life's journeys. The tragedy is, we seem not to learn. Our footprints in the sands of history continually reflect an existence that is self-conceited.

How can it be so difficult to alter our footprints in the sands of history? If, it has occurred to you that no child should die of hunger, no child should die of disease communicable through birth, then it surely should be that tomorrow you will walk a journey that will leave footprints in the sands of history that reflect an inner love for humanity. If the contrary, then surely your existence is simply a lie.

Friends, if I may close my clutter of thought.

Today, I realise how privileged I am. I am privileged not because I am educated and have been able to market my labour for a near decent wage.

No, I am privileged simply because someone unnoticed, unknown and beautiful - who is less privileged than I - has footprints in the sands of history that reflect a strong etch of morality than mine. That unnoticed, unknown and beautiful person’s footprint in the sands of history protects my livelihood. That person can only be a child. That person is indeed the child in all of us, and more so in the less privileged who have not resorted to crime or disruptive behaviours. Children are innocent, and that unnoticed, unknown and beautiful person embodies the innocence of the children.

I owe it to the children to also walk a life’s journey that lightens their days. My desire is that my footprints in the sands of history should be an everlasting monument - a tomb of humanness.

This desire, I also owe to the Sisters, mothers and children of Kasisi Children's Home. Today, I confess. Your footprints in the sands of history are a providential etch in my life's journey.

I came to your world as a stranger, but today I am a friend, a brother, and son. Today, I know there are no other footprints I seek to tread, but yours. In my journey, I know I will falter and meander, but in my heart I know that since your footprints in the sands of history are an inerasable monument, from the distance I will always see your footprints.

Many thanks, and my love to all.

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