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My being at Kasisi has changed my life in a positive way. Many are the times when people experience a loss in a family such as a death of a parent. People think thatís the end of the world but thatís not really the case.

I was introduced to this huge family with my twin brother when I was a month old, after the death of my parents. Kasisi Childrenís Home has being my home since my childhood. My being at Kasisi has really changed my life from the time I was young to where I am now.

Here are some of the positive things that have contributed to my change of life here in Kasisi; education, love, respect and family.

I have managed to achieve a bright future. From Grade One to college with no difficulties. Secondly, I would not worry about who would pay for my school fees knowing Sr Mariola has always been there to help me, unlike other kids outside there. In general I have received the best education with the help of Sr Mariola and God. So if it wasnít for my being here at Kasisi who knows where I would be by now. I am who I am today because of Sr Mariola: I completed my college and I am a qualified nurse now.

Love, I have experienced the greatest love ever here at Kasisi, the love of having friends, sisters, mummies and brothers. I have learnt the ways of how love is shown such as by giving, receiving, playing and respecting one another. Kasisi Childrenís Home is a home where we believe in giving. On different special days such as Christmas we give/receive Christmas gifts, hence sharing is one way of showing love. And Kasisi has taught me how to show love.

Respect, is something that has to be shown to young ones and elders despite of the age difference. I have learnt to respect people regardless of their background, religion, race, tribe, social status etc. I believe everyone deserves respect and I have learnt this through my being here.

Family, by definition people say a family is a group of people related by blood, marriage, law or custom. But I choose to say a family is a group of people you have stayed with or been living with from the time you were young to where you are regardless of blood, marriage relation. For me Kasisi Childrenís Home has been my home from the time I was young to where I am now, and the people I have stayed with (brothers, sisters, mummies) I consider them as my family. They have taught me many things that I didnít know.

A Word of Advice
I would like to urge young people out there, those that think if you experience a loss in your family, especially the death of parents, that it is not the end of the world. I simply say that it is not!! God has a way for you. Just believe in him and trust in him since there is nothing impossible with God.

I really thank Sr Mariola and the sisters for taking good care of me and teaching me good values with this I say ďGod bless them and always protect them in whatever they do. AMENĒ.


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