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Growing up in Kasisi has really shown me the brighter side of life which I didn’t really know. Kasisi has been my everything, my world, my life, my father and my mother. Living in Kasisi has made me grow stronger as a human being and has made me grow in all aspects such as spiritually, mentally and socially.

Before I came to live in Kasisi I can still recall staying with relatives who literally did not take care about me and all I could do was stare and wonder, “why me”. I kept asking myself where my mum and dad were until I was brought to Kasisi and life gave me a new meaning of living. I don’t even want to know where I could have been by now if it was not for Kasisi.

I learnt a lot from this great journey and the wonderful experience of living in a great home as Kasisi. Kasisi has really made me grow spiritually such as knowing God and thanking him for giving me a great home, great mother, Sr Mariola, as well as brothers and sisters and I have indeed learnt to consider myself lucky and blessed and I believe God loves me.

When my parents died I was a child but I remember just looking and saying “why me” but Kasisi has taught me to learn and appreciate where I have found myself and which I do appreciate. I am very happy.

Life has indeed given me a chance because I was once a vulnerable little girl but with my stay in Kasisi I was given a great mother, Sr Mariola, and a beautiful home any person could with for and what everyone would need to survive the world.

I have indeed learnt a lot from growing up in Kasisi such as morals, respect, respect for elders and how to live with different kinds of people and knowing how to talk and how to treat visitors or perhaps them being strangers. And I indeed do apply it to my daily interaction with people because in Kasisi we always have visitors.

Kasisi is a beautiful and great home which I wish for every orphan and every neglected child out there could live in. I currently live with my relative but I always find time to visit my home, which is Kasisi. Because home will always be home, and there is no place better than home no matter the consequences or reasons. Wherever life will take me I will always love and appreciate my home because Kasisi is where my roots and my memories are stored.

Sr Mariola a great woman, a great and loving mother to me and my siblings. She is the person I will always look to because she is the reason why my life is filled with laughter and happiness and without the guidance of a loving mother we are nothing as human beings.

With my stay in Kasisi I have learnt a lot and Kasisi will always be the home God has blessed me with because no one is as lucky as the children who stay in Kasisi. Kasisi will always be my paradise, my life, my home and Sr Mariola will always be the mother God has blessed me with and I will always enjoy my stay in Kasisi no matter what the circumstances.

Kasisi has changed my life from being the vulnerable, lonely girl to being the strong, happy and joyful girl and it is all because of Kasisi and Sr Mariola the great mother I have.


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