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Many years ago a beautiful journey started for me after thinking there was nothing left for me in life. I was brought to Kasisi Children’s Home by a catholic priest by the name of Peter Henriot.

Kasisi really turned my life around and moulded me to whom I am now by the help of Sr Mariola who is the sister-in-charge of Kasisi Children’s Home and other sisters who helped us grow to where I am today.

Being at Kasisi has changed my life both spiritually and physically. Being at Kasisi has helped me know God and be closer to God all because the sisters taught us a lot about God and made me understand that God has his own ways of doing things.

Kasisi changed me from being nothing to somebody today. I have been given all the education from Sr Mariola and I am very grateful for that, without me being at Kasisi right now only God knows where I would be by now.

I have been shown the love and care from Sr Mariola and all the sisters here at Kasisi. I have been taught how to respect people regardless of their age, status and so many other things. I have been taught how to share, how to help those in need just by looking at what Sr Mariola and the other sisters do for us and other people and because of this, Kasisi has changed my attitudes towards things.

I have grown to give respect to people. I have learnt to share and to show love to everybody around me. I have learned to be kind to others and day by day I look back and thank God for allowing Sr Mariola to take care of me.

I have learned to think positively about the future, about people and about things, all because Sr Mariola would tell us to try and look at the positive things about people, things and not overlook at the negatives and for this, my way of thinking has really changed a lot,

I learnt to see good in so many things and just the thought of positive thinking is the best thought ever and therefore I give big ‘thank you’ to Sr Mariola who contributed much to my ways of thinking.

Kasisi has changed my heart, from having a small heart to a big heart, sometimes I look at Sr Mariola receive and welcome children almost every time and at the same time welcome visitors. Just from seeing what Sr Mariola does I have been challenged to have an open heart to anyone and to be welcoming to people.

I have learnt how to treat other equally because I have seen through many in Kasisi Children’s Home, Sr Mariola and the sisters, treat each and every one of us equally despite the fact that we come from different backgrounds and places, we received the same love, care, kindness from Sr Mariola and the sisters including the mummies who helped in taking care of us.

There is no more beautiful place as Kasisi Children’s Home where there is love, care, comfort, sharing, receiving, and always giving and for this I say ‘thank you’ to Sr Mariola, the sisters and the mummies who contributed to my change up to here today.

And not forgetting to thank God for blessing me with a beautiful family at Kasisi Children’s Home.


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