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A childhood of laughter and happy memories


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I am Thabu Kabale, I was born on July 14, 1999 in Tanzania. We are three in the family and I am the last born. I didn't not get the chance to spend time with my father and get to know him as I was only three months old when he passed away.

After my father's passing away confusion arose amongst family members. The environment was very toxic and not appropriate enough to raise a child in. Family members grabbed everything they could from the house and left my mother and I with nothing. We had to move in with my aunt.

After sometime my mother fell ill, and was hospitalised at the hospice from which I attended nursery. Life was harder than before and to the goodness of Mr. Tom who by by now was a friend of the family and the owner of the hospice, he brought me to Kasisi Children's Home. The year was 2005. My mother's name was Arabecca. She was a Lenje by tribe. My mother passed away when I was still young, about a year after I came to Kasisi.

 Since then my stay at Kasisi has been nothing short of amazing memories. I had a childhood that I would wish for every child to experience, filled with love, care and protection. A childhood where one is allowed to live like a child and make honest mistakes and be corrected and guided in the the right path. I had a happy childhood living in Kasisi Children's Home. During the weekends I spent the days together with my siblings, helping each other in our daily activities.

A childhood of laughter and happy memories.

I did my primary education at St Theresa primary school. For my first secondary education I was at Leopards Hill Jesuit Secondary School now known as St. Ignatius College. Leopards Hill Jesuit Secondary School was a Cambridge school. Later I went on to take the Zambian syllabus. For this I was at back at St Theresa secondary school and I completed from there.

During my high school days I used to spend my free time studying with the group members or socialising. The school had both males and females and because of that I find it easy to communicate with both genders. My hobbies are reading books, watching movies, shopping and also sleeping. I also spend my free time hanging out with friends.

I always had dreams of becoming either a pilot (aero engineer) or a public speaker. I was able to pass my final grade(12) exams and I enrolled into Evelyn Hone college. I studied Public Administration for a complete (3) three years. 

On the 21st October 2022,I graduated and I was awarded a diploma in Public Administration and Humans Resource Management.

Kasisi Children's Home has been a big part of my life and journey as it saw me through all my schooling and took responsibility.

Everything I am today and wish to be in the near future is because Kasisi Children's Home.


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