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Friday December 22, 2017

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How blessed I am


Many people including myself will admit that graduation is marking a tremendous accomplishment. One could not have come to this day without a lot of hard work and great mentors.


There may have been days when once or twice or more we all have felt that we could not continue, and yet we did. The moment when one is called up to the stage to receive his/ her diploma, glorious in his/her cap and gown, is a moment to savor.


To me, graduation is a time for thinking lots of lovely thoughts and saying them out loud.

As my name was called to the stage to receive my diploma, I thought of how blessed I am. In her absence, I could feel her presence and knew how proud she is of me from many miles away, I thought about the chance she has given me to be able to reach this day.


I am talking about Sr. Mariola, mamusia (mother) of many. I want her to know that; to be a mother is not an easy task, yet she does it proudly everyday no matter what is asked. She has turned me into a beautiful young lady. The pushy and wise advice she gave will carry me through the years. With my every mistake or wrongful deed, she was there to correct and to understand. She never forget to say or show she cares and loves me.

The smile and tears upon her face when I achieve provides me with more value in my heart then she'll ever believe. There is no other person that will shape my heart the way she's done. She has always put in her last with love and my whole life is not enough time for me to repay her. Honestly, what can one ever give to a woman who has given her everything?

She has given me comfort and certainty with every breath I take within the day. Her little girl is growing up but her child will always remain deep inside me. There are not enough words that can thank her for everything. She has helped me emotionally and physically. I have my whole future ahead of me and she is the women that has led me and guided me towards the proper path.


How can one simple day prove that much thanks and love to someone who has pushed this far and still is working her way? Just like her, I want to live my life for others, because of her, I want to work hard and achieve more so I can be able to help many children like me.


I have hope for a better tomorrow, my dream is to help others who will in return help others, this way, we can have a chain of helping hands which will go on from generation to generation all because she started it with me.

Am now ready to go on and take on the world!



Tamara Sakala

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