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2002 Kasisi Children's Home

Touching the heaven

Dr. Ola

I am so thankful to God for showing me the way to Kasisi because this is the place where the Christmas happens every day. And this is why every single day I spent there was really amazing.

I was flooded with pure love and joy of life.

In Kasisi I experienced extraordinary things. In Kasisi even if you tread firmly on the ground you are touching the heaven. When you are there with unusual Kids and Sisters and volunteers you are finding happiness and peace.

No matter what you are doing there the more you are trying to give the more is given to you. The more you are trying to help the more Kasisi helps you.

You can find many answers which you have deeply inside your soul. You are standing there naked and Kasisi people are dressing you up in the most beautiful clothes you can ever imagine-the clothes of trust, hope and love.

And then you feel so free and strong-but you do not want to leave this place and you want to come back and come back there.

Kasisi will always be in my heart.

Love you all

Doctor Ola

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