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Reserved Kasisi Children's Home 2005


No love expressed is small.., end year greetings

It is 2004 year's end, and well, I could not resist attempting populating the web design with children, and of course the sisters, 'mothers', and friends of Kasisi. Could be I am trying to recreate the beautiful world of Kasisi Children's Home in cyberspace. But, although I know my attempt is in vain, I hope you, our esteemed cyberspace visitors and indeed friends of Kasisi, will get a fresher breather with this new concept. Do not hesitate to send in your comments, if you think I have overdone it this time!

I also take this opportunity to extend my end year regards and indeed best wishes for the year beginning 2005. I am as grateful for your support as the children, the sisters and the 'mothers' at Kasisi Children's Home are. Whenever I read the 'postmarks' on the e-mails, parcels, letters, etc, I am really humbled.

Take that 'postmark' of Fiji! It really humbled me. Someone in a far off island State of Fiji cares, this in itself and indeed all the various expressions of love of you friends from all over the world, simply shows our eternal interconnectedness irrespective of the distance between our worlds.

Our acts of love across our different worlds, we must congratulate ourselves shows that it is possible to live in peace and indeed to work towards changing the unfortunate situation of the millions of children living with HIV/AIDS and in abject poverty. In 2004, we have shown through our love for Kasisi Children's Home, that to change the world we really do not need to support or feed the whole world, all we need is to support that one child or person, and in so doing we are changing the world.

Looking into 2005, I urge you not to feel regret that your support was small or minimal, for your support is a manifestation of love, AND NO LOVE EXPRESSED IS SMALL. Please continue your support and love for Kasisi.

In retrospect, may you all walk in a better tomorrow, and Craig Anderson, my special thanks man.

I close with a quote from one of my works. "We do good not to be recognised, but because it is good to do good."

Love and bye for now.


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