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An abundant help, a new life

John Mwanza

Mwanza John is my name. Zambian by nationality, Christian by religion. Am a double orphan who was neglected by relatives thinking that my brothers and me are useless, but to God be the glory the little servants of Mary Immaculate welcomed us and raised us. I have two brothers without a sister and my elder brother is James while younger is Daniel

Mr. and Mrs. Mwanza were my parents, unfortunately they are dead. They used to help my people when we were very young, never chose who to lend their helping hand. When they died no one from their clan seemed to be willing to lend a helping hand. My brothers and I we were stuck when they both left us .

My father died in 2002 with an illness I do not know up to date. Before my mother died she tried her level best to meet our needs, but she could not afford to give us our wants, they came a point when she was unable to feed us, she decided to get married again. Her marriage was successful and brought a temporal happiness to my brothers and I. But they always say, we hope for the best but expecting the worst in life. Not only did my mother’s new marriage bring happiness, it also brought hatred, my father's relatives were very sad. They grabbed a house and land from us, claiming that she has broken our traditional law that stated,`once a  spouse of a deceased remarried he or she should leave the house with immediate effect’. As a result she got a very serious depression and died in 2006 when I was in grade six (6) and my elder brother was in grade eight (8) while my younger had not yet started schooling.

One would ask about my step father, unfortunately he ran away, we tried to find him, but he was nowhere to be seen. It is my prayer to him meet one day and say `how do you do?’

After this tragedy had occurred, my brother went to stay with my grandmother who is an aunty to my mother, my younger brother went to stay with grandmother whose daughter was my mother and I went to stay with grandfather in a village. My own grandfather who promised me to enjoy his farm produce and animal product for instance milk, instead I become a farm tool and always in the bush, he did not care, the clothes that my parents bought for me, were taken away from me.

Having lost our parents, my elder brother had to move on foot from my grandmother’s house to seek aid from different institutions which could sponsor us both financially and materially. He traveled to many places without getting any help. I have a confession on this, later in this testimony.

He wanted to give up, but grandmother encouraged him not to. One Sunday we went to church to pray, that’s where he was advised to go to Kasisi Children’s Home. My elder brother came to Kasisi Children’s Home with a view to get help. The help he was given was in abundance by Sr.Mariola and other Little Servants of Mary Immaculate these include Sr Christne, Janina, Maria, Faustina and Jolanta.

Sr.Mariola`s name stands out because she is in charge of Kasisi Children’s Home. My brother was told to bring us to Kasisi Children's Home. We came, and we received warmest welcome that has never happened in my life. In addition, my younger brother was told to remain and get schooled in Kasisi. My elder brother and I were advised to go and stay with our grandmother before we write our examinations. She gave us money and food to sustain our living with our grandmother.

To the best of my knowledge Kasisi Children’s Home is a home of good moral values and where love is appreciated, because from my grade six to seven I used to come here for holidays. Firstly, Sr. Faustian helped me with lessons to get baptized .I was baptized and learnt to have fear for God. One thing that I will be thanking sisters here is their ability to explore the hidden potential of the child they are helping, especially in promoting education.

When I wrote my grade seven leaving examinations, I came to our lovely home, where I was assigned to work in the garden, at first I thought it was a burden of work, but later, an interest grew in me such that I never wanted to stop working in the garden, because, I realized that working in the garden was a great opportunity. Therefore, my dream career changed from being accountant to an agriculturist. As days draw nearer, my grade seven result were out, happy I was because I had managed to go to any secondary school in Zambia

Furthermore, Sr.Mariola promised me to take me to a boarding school, but this promise was to be fulfilled if I pass with flying colours. Fortunately, a place for me was found in Luapula Province, in a district called Mansa. My new school name is St. Clement's Secondary School. Sr.Mariola took me to Mansa, paid my school fees and gave me all the boarding necessities .To God be the glory, in my school I found sisters who played a major role in helping me.

In spite of good support we received from Sr. Mariola and other sisters, my  brothers and I cheated them. We lied that after the passing on of our parents, no one was helping us, but, in actual sense Cheshire Homes was lending a helping hand. One would ask why cheat, when you need help? And my answer would be, some sponsorship are seasonal and never last. But due to the love the sisters have for us, they forgave us and continued to support us.

For that I say, thank you.

John Mwanza

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