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"Take my hand and come with me"

The last few days, since Francis was discharged on 31st Dec, have been like a rollercoaster for him, for the sisters and for all of us who follow his story. The doctors said he had days rather than weeks to live.

In Kasisi he was moved to the House of Hope where he asked to stop any medical procedures like giving him oxygen. In the evening he received anointing of the sick and some of his friends stayed on duty by his bed. The next day he made s.Mariola cry by saying with a smile that he knew what was going to happen and he was not afraid of it. Despite being so weak and having breathing problems he still answered ‘much better’ when asked about his condition.

And that was the moment when thousands of people started praying for him, as if they didn’t want to let him go. They did everything they could from the distance of thousands kilometers to make Franek know how much they support him and keep their fingers crossed.

On 2nd Jan Franek asked for …some crisps and his tablet. Sure, he realized there were still too many things to do before he leaves. The swelling was going down, he generally got better and even took a walk with his faithful bodyguards, Alick and Jacob. Two days later Franek decided than he wasn’t that sick after all so he moved from the bed to the mattress on the floor (kicking Alec out from there) and shouted ‘Sister! Chicken! Now!’ He somehow got back his power!

On 4th however, his condition deteriorated dramatically. He vomited and got much weaker. Breathing difficulties increased leading to breathlessness and falling into a faint. He was given oxygen and painkillers but the doctors said that for Franek, due to one lung shut down and an inefficient heart, they were his last moments.

24 hours later Franek once again showed utter disrespect towards medical authorities and changed his mind about dying. He asked for clean clothes, had some dinner, went for a walk and on the way… blew 18 up balloons, just for fun J In the evening some of his friends and sisters were granted a private audience, during which Franek distributed his personal belongings joking around and making them laugh. What he’s doing is not just enjoying being the centre of attention, Franek is now focusing the attention of thousands of people from around the world on Kasisi. All that to secure THEIR future when he’s gone…

The doctors unfortunately are adamant about Frank’s critical condition. Today some new serious symptoms appeared, which seem to prove them right. But Frank has a huge backup (here and above) and he himself is a fighter so as long as he lives, he lives life to the fullest.

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