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Friday December 22, 2017

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Without fear, he walked with us

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Often one does not know how to write a befitting epitaph. Not because the tombstone lay in a greener green garden beyond which the hand can not seem.

Or that beyond that person of whom we seek to write about there is a deeper meaning we can never fathom.

Or perhaps, because we often reason that life is just that. Life - a beginning and an end yonder our reality.

No, it is mostly because there are some persons that walk and play with us timelessly and fearlessly.

Whilst we preoccupy ourselves with thoughts and fears of securing a better tomorrow, they walk with us knowing that for them tomorrow is just a wisp of smoke in the whirlwind.

Yet they do not walk with us showing their fears of tomorrow like we do.

They walk with us like tomorrow is clear open bluer blue skies, birds gracing them, and children running and laughing in lush greener green grasses beneath which rivers flow.

And this is how, I will always remember Mr. Francis.

Ora pro nobis.


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