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Kasisi Children's Home

Photo Gallery... Galeria Fotografii... Photogallerie

Click on photo to enlarge.., and enjoy the world of the children (NB: picture captions by webmaster)

PEPFAR Funds Childhood Development Centre

Our children enjoying the experiences of our Early Childhood Development Centre




Friends that recently visited....

Carla enjoying the Christmas spirit at Kasisi...

Dr Basem, Feddy and Carla reveling in the Christmas atmosphere!

... Boyd, Viola and Carla. All joyous!

... my smile is better than yours! John and Carla.

New Chapel.., Tamara departing for the US.., Sylvia and Beatrice...

An inside view of the new Chapel at Kasisi.

Tamara (in pink) posing with others at Lusaka International Airport before leaving for studies in Boston (USA)!

Prodigal daughters?
No. Sylvia and Beatrice gave us a pleasant surprise this Christmas!

Sylvia and Beatrice, posing with their children at Kasisi.

Nena and Peter visiting the Colorado Governor, Bill Ritter

Tamara and Catherine close 2009 on water, sky, and quads...

This picture update is of Tamara and Catherine's holiday in Livingstone this last new year's

Catherine, Tamara, and Ames (sponsors daughter) at David Livingstone before the boat cruise.


On the road to Livingstone.., there are always roadblocks. Well this one was simply saying hello to the holiday sponsor!

... Tamara... Well.., its all nervy!

... three little happy children at Livingstone Museum!

2009 Christmas...

Well.., at Kasisi, Father Christmas comes in all guises!


Dance time... wonder whether Mrs Sardanis was thinking she could do better!

.. Dr Sahar and Dr. Besam could not resist the fun!

... Albert and colleague helping out with the balloons.

imaging some Sponsors...

Mission-Circle (Eine Welt Kreis)




from left: Thomas, Claudia, Wolfgang, Erika, Hans-Joachim, Anita, Albert.



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