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My life is going to be successful


I am Alick Mukuka of Kasisi Childrenís Home, aged 21. I came to Kasisi in 2000 shortly after my mother died. I hardly know much about my father hence it is hard for me to talk about him. I lived with my mother until I was nine then she passed on. After her death I was taken to live with motherís young sister who resorted to treating harshly. I could not bear harsh treatment from my motherís sister hence I ran away from home into the streets of Lusaka the capital of Zambia.

I lived on the streets for a good while but I am not certain for how long I have been there. Life in the streets has its own challenges like where to sleep, what to eat and where one could bath from. I spent my nights on the corridors and I used to cover myself with boxes as blankets. When it came to food I would beg for money from people and these who had a Kwacha to spare gave me something to buy food. On unlucky days I would go into bins of food selling shops hoping that I might find something I can put to my stomach. Street life was not easy as the older kids would grab your money and use it for themselves.

I first heard of Kasisi Childrenís Home when I was still in the street. People whom I asked for money would tell me to go to Kasisi Childrenís Home. I had no knowledge of Kasisi hence I never took what I was told seriously. With time, things in the streets got worse. My two other fellow street kids who were brothers decided to give it a try and see would Kasisi would hold for us. We started the trip to Kasisi on foot. Even up to today I still remember how we moved from Lusaka to Kasisi.

Thanks to the kindness of Sr. Mariola we were accepted and she agreed to take care of us. I started my grade two in the local primary school and after six years I sat for my grade 7 examinations which I passed and made it to gr. 8. After finishing grade nine Sr. Mariola sent me to a boarding school in the southern part of Zambia where I wrote my final exams and obtained good points that would allow me to go further with my education.

With the pressure I had got during my last year in the secondary school, I needed some time to stay at home. I was helping around wherever my help was needed. Sr. Mariola helped me to get a job at Coptic hospital in Lusaka and she thought I might get motivated as I had no single course in my head that I would want to study. I started working in the theatre as a theatre runner. I started admiring how the surgeons helped the people through the operations they were carrying on the patients. From whatever used to happen in the theatre I got so motivated that I thought of studying something connected to a hospital. I applied at a local health sciences college and I was accepted last November.

I am now waiting to go to College. I have only a day left before I start my studies in Clinical Medicine General on the 21st of January. All has been set and I am waiting to go to school. I thank the Sisters for being so kind to me and giving me help whenever I needed it. My life is going to be successful as it is turning the positive way. I am so thankful to everybody that has contributed to who I am now. I will always remember people who have helped me so much in many different ways.

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